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Vision Statement : To win people for Christ and to build them up in Christ.


 To win people for Christ

Our aim is to be a Church

- praying that the Lord would open the hearts of many to believe;

- equipping and enthusing one another to share our faith ;

- having regular evangelistic activities;

- showing compassion to the community around us;

- publicising both the message of the gospel and the work of the Church.


To build people up in Christ

Our aim is to enable people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds, to grow in the grace and joy of Christ and become mature Christians. The following are therefore part of our work as a Church and our goal as individuals.

Prayer :              Encouraging prayer for all areas of our work, and seeing regular prayer as a mark of mature faith.

Teaching :          Teaching the Bible so that people will grow in understanding and be stirred up in faith.

Worship :          Enabling worship to be uplifting and God-focussed.

Gifts :                  Identifying and enabling people to use the gifts God has given them in His service.

Leadership :      Training people to be leaders in various areas of ministry.

Service :             Loving our neighbours and doing good to all.

Fellowship :      Living as a family and household of faith.

Obedience :       Being faithful to Christ, regardless of the cost.

Pastoral Care : Caring for one another and especially for those in particular need.

Family life :       That whatever our circumstances, our home life would be honouring to Christ.

Workplace :      Seeing work as part of our Christian service, to be done to the praise and glory of God.

  January 2013

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