The Church of England

St James Chorley is a Church of England parish church. Many peole go to their local parish church without knowing much about it or the wider church. Some will join a church like St James because it is evangelical and yet have little understanding about the wider church.

The history of the Church of England goes back to the conversion of the Anglo-Saxon peoples.

The Church of England is not, as some seem to think, a bit of everything. It has a very clearly defined doctrine which all clergy are supposed to assent to. It is a reformed catholic church, shaped by the protestant reformation and clearly evangelical. Sadly there is a significant gulf between what the Church of England is supposed to be and what it appears to be today.

The Church is also an established church.

The Church of England has also spread to other countries leading to churches in many parts of the world which are Anglican in their history and assocation though not always in their doctrine. Some of these churches are part of the Anglican Commuion, but not all.

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