Full List of Sermons

Christmas 2019

According to the Scripture
Date Title Preacher
8/12/2019 The Seed Promised David Phillips
15/12/2019 The Promised Seed Phil Parker

I Believe in Jesus

The Apostles' Creed part 2
Date Title Preacher
8/9/2019 I Believe in Jesus David Phillips
15/9/2019 Jesus is the Christ Phil Parker
22/9/2019 God's Son, our Lord David Phillips
29/9/2019 His conception and birth David Phillips
6/10/2019 suffering and crucifixion David Phillips
20/10/2019 died and buried David Phillips
270/10/2019 descended to hell David Phillips
3/11/2019 on the third day He rose again Phil Parker
10/11/2019 and ascended into heaven David Phillips
17/11/2019 sits on the Right Hand of the Father (Sermon not recorded) Phil Parker
24/11/2019 He will come David Phillips
1/12/2019 to judge the living and the dead David Phillips


Date Title Text Preacher
16/6/2019 Even in Darkness Judges 2.11-18 David Phillips
30/6/2019 Corrupt Worship Judges 17 & 18 David Phillips
7/7/2019 Where is the Book? Judges David Phillips
14/7/2019 Corrupt Society Judges 19-21 David Phillips
21/7/2019 There was no King Judges David Phillips
28/7/2019 Othniel Judges 3.6-11 Eric Lacey
4/8/2019 Ehud Judges 3.12-30 David Phillips
11/8/2019 Deborah and Barak Judges 4 & 5 David Phillips
18/8/2019 Gideon Judges 6-8 David Phillips


Date Title Text Preacher
5/5/2019 A Soul Cast Down Psalm 42 David Phillips
12/5/2019 Vindicate Me, O God Psalm 43 David Phillips
19/5/2019 Come to our help Psalm 44 David Phillips
26/5/2019 God to the Rescue Psalm 107 Phil Parker
2/6/2019 We shall do valiantly Psalm 108 Eric Lacey
9/6/2019 Be not silent, O God Psalm 109 Paul Gardner

Destinations (Luke 13 & 14)

Date Title Text Preacher
11/3/2019 Repent or Perish Luke 13.1-5 David Phillips
17/3/2019 Fruitful or Felled Luke 13.6-9 David Phillips
24/3/2019 Fruitful or Felled (Not recorded) Luke 13.22-30 David Griffin
31/3/2019 Accepted or Rejected Luke 14.12-24 Phil Parker
7/4/2019 Easy Life or Costly Life Luke 14.25-33 Eric Lacey

Pleasing to God : Hebrews 13

Date Title Text Preacher
6/1/2019 Brotherly Love Heb 13.1-3 Paul Hunter
13/1/2019 Marriage Heb 13.4 David Phillips
20/1/2019 Love of Money Heb 13.5-6 David Phillips
27/1/2019   Leaders Heb 13.7-9 &17 Phil Parker
3/2/2019 Outside the Gate Heb 13.10-14   David Phillips
17/2/2019   Sacrifice of Praise Heb 13.15 David Phillips
24/2/2019   Doing Good Heb 13.16 David Phillips
3/3/2019 Prayer Heb 13.18-21 Philip Venables

I Believe

Date Subseries Title Texts Preacher


What is faith? John 14.1-14 David Phillips
16/9/2018 Coming to believe Drawn by God John 6.35-48 David Phillips
23/9/2018 Coming to believe Commands and Invitations   David Phillips
30/9/2018 Coming to believe Lives that shine   Phil Parker
14/10/2018 Knowing about God The Heavens Declare Ps 19.1 David Phillips
21/10/2018 Knowing about God Jesus Has Made Him Known   Eric Lacey
28/10/2018 Knowing about God God Has Spoken   David Phillips
4/11/2018 Knowing about God Can We Trusth the Bible?   David Phillips
11/11/2018 The Apostle's Creed "I believe in God"   David Phillips
18/11/2018 The Apostle's Creed "I believe in God the Father"   Mark Ireland
25/11/2018 The Apostle's Creed "I believe in God .. Father ... Son ... and Holy Spirit"   David Phillips
2/12/2018 The Apostle's Creed "I believe in God ... Almighty" Mark Pickles
9/12/2018 The Apostle's Creed "I believe in God ... maker of heaven and earth" Acts 17.22-31 David Phillips

The Psalms

Date Title Texts Preacher
3/6/2018 The Sweet Psalmist of Israel   David Phillips
10/6/2018 A Fruitful Life Psalm 1 David Phillips
17/6/2018 The Lord and His Anointed Psalm 2 Phil Parker
1/7/2018 The Dark Hour Psalm 3 Phil Parker
8/7/2018 Peace Be Still Psalm 4 David Phillips


Christian Meditation Josh 1.8, Psalm 1.2 etc David Phillips
22/7/2018 Clouded Dawn Psalm 5 David Phillips
29/7/2018 Prayers and Tears Psalm 6 Eric Lacey
5/8/2018 A Cry for Justice Psalm 7 David Phillips
12/8/2018 'O God Our Help" Psalm 90 David Phillips
19/8/2018 Under His Wings Psalm 91 David Phillips
26/8/2018 They that wait upon the Lord... Psalm 92 Phil Parker
2/9/2018 The Throne above the Tumult Psalm 93 - not recorded David Phillips

Back To Basics (Part 3) - Heb 6.1

Date Title Texts Preacher
30/4/2018 The Resurrection of the Dead (part 1) John 6.35-40 etc David Phillips
6/5/2018 The Resurrection of the Dead (part 2) 1 Cor 15.35-end David Phillips
13/5/2018 Eternal Judgment (part 1)   David Phillips
20/5/2018 Eternal Judgment (part 2)   David Phillips


Date Title Texts Preacher
7/1/2018 The Boy in the Temple Luke 2.41-52 Phil Parker
14/1/2018 Baptised by John Luke 3.15-22 David Phillips
21/1/2018 Jesus' authority, identity & priorities Luke 4.31-41 David Phillips
28/1/2018 Disciples Called (Education Sunday) Luke 5.1-11 David Phillips
4/2/2018 Sin Forgiven Luke 5.17-26 Eric Lacey
11/2/2018 Raising the Dead Luke 7.11-17 David Phillips
18/2/2018 Calming the Storm Luke 8.22-25 Andy Meeson
25/2/2018 Feeding the 5,000 Luke 9.10-17 Paul Hunter
4/3/2018 Peter's Confession of Christ Luke 9.18-27 Phil Parker
11/3/2018 The Transfiguration Luke 9.28-36 David Phillips
18/3/2018 Zacchaeus (Motto text sermon) Luke 19.1-10 David Phillips
25/3/2018 Triumphal Entry Luike 19.28-40 David Phillips
1/4/2018 He is not here, but has risen! Luke 24.1-12 David Phillips
15/4/2018 Hearts on Fire Luke 24.13-35 Eric Lacey
22/4/2018 Minds Opened Luke 24.36-49 Phil Parker


Date/Service Title Texts Preacher
10/9/2017 The Gospel of Christ Galatians 1 David Phillips
17/9/2017 Apostolic Faith Galatians 2.1-14 David Phillips
24/9/1017 Justified by Faith Galatians 2.15-21 David Phillips
8/10/2017 The Righteous shall live by Faith Galatians 3.1-14 Phil Parker
15/10/2017 God's promise - our faith Galatians 3.15-29 David Phillips
22/10/2017 Sons of God Galatians 4 Eric Lacey
29/10/2017 Not Ashamed of the Gospel (Motto Text Sermon) Romans 1.16-17 David Phillips
5/11/2017 Keep Running Well Galatians 5.1-15 Phil Parker
12/11/2017 Flesh and Spirit (1) - enmity and peace Galatians 5.16-26 Eric Lacey


Flesh and Spirit (2) - immorality and love Galatians 5.16-26 David Phillips
26/11/2017 Flesh and Spirit (3) - idolatry and faithfulness Galatians 5.16-26 David Phillips
3/12/2017 Flesh and Spirit (4) - drunkenness and self-control Galatians 5.16-26 David Phillips
10/12/2017 Test Your Work Gal 6 Phil Parker

The Book of Love - Deuteronomy

Date/Service Title Texts Preacher
23/7/2017 Chosen in Love Deut 4.37, 7.7-8, 10.15, 23.5 Eric Lacey
30/7/2017 Wholehearted Love Deut 6.5, 10.12, 30.6 Phil Parker
6/8/2017 Loving Obedience Deut 5.10, 7.9, 30.16, 30.20 David Phillips
13/7/2017 Love and Blessing Deut 7.12, 11.1, 11.13-14, 11.22, 19.9 David Phillips
20/7/2017 Love the Sojourner Deut 10.18-19 David Phillips
27/8/2017 The Testing of Love Deut 13.3 David Phillips
3/9/2017 Law and Love Rom 7 etc David Phillips

James - Living Faith

Date/Service Text Title Preacher
23/4/2017 Jas 1.1-11 Trials David Phillips
30/4/2017 Jas 1.12-18 Temptations Phil Parker
7/5/2017 Jas 1.19-26 Hearers and Doers David Phillips
14/5/2017 Jas 2.1-13 Do Not Show Partiality David Phillips
21/5/2017 Jas 2.14-26 Living Faith David Phillips
28/5/2017 Jas 3.1-12 A Tongue of Fire Phil Parker
4/6/2017 Jas 3.13-18 A Harvest of Righteousness David Phillips
11/6/2017 Jas 4.1-10 The War Within Phil Parker
18/6/2017 Jas 4.11-12 One Lawgiver and Judge David Phillips
25/6/2017 Jas 4.13-17 A Vanishing Mist (not recorded) David Phillips
2/7/2017 Jas 5.1-6 Warning to the Rich David Phillips
9/7/2017 Jas 5.7-11 Perseverance (not recorded) David Phillips
16/7/2017 Jas 5.12-20 Pray for One Another David Phillips

Back to Basics (Heb 6.1-2) - The Laying on of Hands

Date/Service Text Title Preacher
15/1/2017   Healing Hands David Phillips
22/1/2017   A Family Blessing (and confirmation) Alan Hogarth
29/1/2017   Commissioning (and ordination) David Phillips

New Life

Date/Service Text Title Preacher
12/2/2017 Acts 10 Cornelius Phil Parker
19/2/2017 2 Chronicles 33 Manasseh David Phillips
26/2/2017 2 Kings 5 Naaman David Phillips
5/3/2017 Joshua 2.1-14 Rahab Phil Parker
12/3/2017 Acts 16.11-15 Lydia Brian Jones (Street Pastors)
19/3/2017 Acts 9 Saul Eric Lacey
26/3/2017 John 3 Nicodemus David Phillips
2/4/2017 Lk 23.34-43 The Thief on the Cross David Phillips


2 Peter

Date/Service Text Title Preacher
18/9/2016 2 Peter 1.1-4 A Faith Like Peter David Phillips
25/9/2016 2 Peter 1.5-8 Spiritual Supplements David Phillips
9/10/2016 2 Peter 1.9-15 Confirm Your Election and Calling David Phillips
16/10/2016 2 Peter 2.16-18 Eyewitnesses of Christ's Majesty David Phillips
23/10/2016 2 Peter 1.19-21 The Prophetic Word Made Sure Phil Parker
30/10/2016 2 Peter 2.1-3 False Prophets and False Teachers Eric Lacey
6/11/2016 2 Peter 2.4-11 Rescuer and Judge David Phillips
13/11/2016 1 Peter 2.11-17 Living as Free Slaves (Remembrance Sunday) David Phillips
20/11/2016 2 Peter 2.12-22 Blots and Blemishes Phil Parker
27/11/2016 2 Peter 3.1-7 The Promise of His Coming David Phillips
4/11/2016 2 Peter 3.8-13 The Day of the Lord David Phillips
11/11/2016 2 Peter 3.14-18 Waiting Patiently David Phillips

The Sheperd Boy King

Date/Service Text Title Preacher
5/6/16 1 Sam 16.1-13 Called by God (not recorded) Eric Lacey
12/6/16 1 Sam 17 David and Goliath (not recorded) David Phillips
19/6/16 1 Sam 20.12-17 & 30-34 Hatred and brotherly love (not recorded) Phil Parker
3/7/16 1 Sam 28.3-19 From Desperation to Despair David Phillips
10/7/16 1 Sam 25 The Way of the Fool David Phillips
17/7/2016 2 Sam 01-11 Committ your way to the Lord David Phillips
24/7/2016 2 Sam 7.1-17 The Lord's House David Phillips
31/7/2016 2 Sam 11.1-12.7 Brought Forth in Iniquity David Phillips
7/8/2016 2 Sam 12.8-25 Sin's Consequences and God's Forgiveness David Phillips
14/8/2016 2 Sam 13ff Love Gone Wrong David Phillips
21/8/2016 2 Sam 22 David's Song Eric Lacey
28/8/2016 2 Sam 24 David's Final Folly David Phillips
4/8/2016 1 Chron 29.10-22 David's Prayer David Phillips

What on Earth is the Church

Date/Service Text Title Preacher
24/3/2016 Acts 20.20-25 The Church of God David Phillips
1/5/2016 Jn 10.1-18 The Flock Phil Parker
8/5/2016 Eph 4.1-16/1 Cor 12.12-27 The Body of Christ David Phillips
15/5/2016 Eph 5.22-32 The Bride of Christ David Phillips
22/5/2016 Jn 15.1-11 The Vine David Phillips
29/5/2016 1 Tim 3.14-4.5 The Pillar and the Buttress David Phillips

Songs of the Saviour (Easter 2016)

Date/Service Text Title Preacher
20/3/2016 Ps 118.25-26 Hosanna David Phillips
24/3/2016 Ps 40 "I delight to do your will" Phil Parker
25/3/2016 Ps 22 Forsaken by God David Phillips
27/3/2016 Ps 16 God Raised Him Up David Phillips
3/4/2016 Ps 110.4 Our Great High Priest Eric Lacey
10/4/2016 Ps 118.22 The Rejected Stone and the Household of God David Phillips

Back To Basics (Heb 6.1)

Date/Service Text Title Preacher
3/1/2016 Rom 6.3 etc Baptism - Into Christ David Phillips
10/1/2016 Acts 2.38 etc Baptism - Repentance David Phillips
17/1/2016 Col 2.12 etc Baptism - New Life David Phillips
24/1/2016 Rom 1.3 The Gospel - its all about Jesus David Phillips
31/1/2016 Rom 1.16 The Gospel - the Power of God Phil Parker
7/2/2016 Rom 1.18 The Gospel - Wrath Revealed David Phillips
14/2/2016 Rom 2.16 The Gospel - a Day of Judgment David Phillips
21/2/2016 Rom 3.20 The Gospel - Not by Works Phil Parker
28/2/2016 Rom 3.21-31 By grace... David Phillips
6/3/2016 Rom 3.21-31 ... through faith ... David Banbury
13/3/2016 Rom 3.21-31 ... in Christ, alone. Philip Venables

In the Beginning

Date/Service Text Title Preacher
1/11/2015 Gen 1.1-5 God Created David Phillips
8/11/2015 Gen 1.6-8 The Waters David Phillips
15/11/2015 Gen 1.9-13 Land and Life David Phillips
22/11/2015 Gen 1.14-19 The Lights David Phillips
29/11/2015 Gen 1.20-23 Swarming Waters David Phillips
6/12/2015 Gen 1.24-31 Man and Beast David Phillips
13/12/2015 Gen 2.1-2 A Day of Rest David Phillips

The Lord Added to their Number (Acts)

Date/Service Text Title Preacher
13/09/2015 Acts 13.13-52 “We bring you good news”- Antioch of Pisidia David Phillips
20/09/2015 Acts 14.1-7 A City Divided - Iconium David Phillips
27/09/2015 Acts 17.1-9 Turning the world upside down - Thessalonica Eric Lacey
04/10/2015 Acts 17.10-15 Examining the Scriptures - Berea Wallace Benn
11/10/2015 Acts 14.8-23 Turn from vain things -Lystra David Phillips
18/10/2015 Acts 17.16-34 A Judgment Fixed - Athens David Phillips
25/10/2015 Acts 18.1-17 Good News for the Gentiles - Corinth Phil Parker

Gideon (Judges 6-8)

Date/Service Text Title Preacher
26/07/2015 Jdg 6.1-10 You have not obeyed... David Phillips
02/08/2015 Jdg 6.11-26 Go in this might David Phillips
09/08/2015 Jdg 6.27-40 Gideon's Fleece David Phillips
16/08/2015 Jdg 7.1-15 God's work done God's way Phil Parker
23/08/2015 Jdg 7.16-25 The Battle is the Lord's David Phillips
30/08/2015 Jdg 8.1-21 High places are slippery places David Phillips
06/09/2015 Jdg 8.22-35 The Snare of Success Phil Parker

Get Wisdom (Proverbs)

Date/Service Text Title Preacher
26/04/2015 Prov 4.5-9 The Beautiful Crown David Phillips
03/05/2015 Prov 17.22 The Crushed Spirit David Phillips
10/05/2015 Prov 15.16-17 Better a little... David Dickinson
17/05/2015 Prov 12.18 A Piercing Tongue David Phillips
24/05/2015 Prov 23.31-32 The Serpent's Bite David Phillips
31/05/2015 Prov 6.6 Go to the Ant David Phillips
7/6/2015 Prov 22.9 A Bountiful Eye (not recorded) Phil Parker
14/6/2015 Prov 4.23 Guard Your Heart David Phillips
21/6/2015 Prov 18.22 Finding a Good Thing David Phillips
5/7/2015 Prov 17.14 The Water that Breaks Out (not recorded) David Dickinson
12/7/2015 Prov 2.12-15 Sweet Friendship David Phillips
19/7/2015 Prov 25.28 The Walled City David Phillips


Date/Service Text Title Preacher
19/04/2015 Heb 9.1-10 The Holy Place Alan Hogarth
26/04/2015 Heb 9.11-end The Blood of Christ David Phillips
03/05/2015 Heb 10.1-18 Once for all time David Phillips
10/05/2015 Heb 10.19-end Full Assurance Alan Hogarth
14/06/2015 Heb 11 By Faith (part 1) Alan Hogarth
21/06/2015 Heb 11 By Faith (part 2) Alan Hogarth
28/06/2015 Heb 12.1-11 Founder and Perfecter David Phillips
5/7/2015 Heb 12.12-end Drooping Hands (not recorded) Alan Hogarth
12/7/2015 Heb 13.1-7 Sacrifices Pleasing to God David Phillips
19/7/2015 Heb 13.8-end Yesterday, today, forever David Phillips

What We Believe

Date/Service Text Title Preacher
8/02/2015 Article 28 The Lord's Supper David Phillips
15/02/2015 Articles 29 & 30 Partaking of Christ Alan Hogarth
17/05/2015 Article 31

The Offering of Christ

David Phillips
24/05/2015 Article 32 Clerical Celibacy David Phillips
07/06/2015 Article 33 Church Discipline Alan Hogarth

Living Without Jesus

Date/Service Text Title Preacher
22/2/2015 Jn 14.15-31 Another Helper David Phillips
1/3/2015 Jn 15.18-27 Not of the world David Phillips
8/3/2015 Jn 16.1-11 The work of the Spirit Phil Parker
15/3/2015 Jn 16.12-24 Sorrow turned to joy David Phillips
22/3/2015 Jn 16.25-33 I have overcome the world David Phillips

Songs of Ascents

Earlier sermons on the Songs of Ascents
Date/Service Text Title Preacher
22/2/2015 Psalm 125 The Lord Surrounds Phil Parker
1/3/2015 Psalm 126 Restore our fortunes David Phillips
8/3/2015 Psalm 127 Unless the Lord Builds David Phillips
15/3/2015 Psalm 128 .... who fears the Lord Alan Hogarth
22/3/2015 Psalm 129 They have afflicted in me Alan Hogarth

The Gospel of John

Date/Service Text Title Preacher
28/12/2014 John 1.19-34 The message of John the Baptist David Phillips
4/1/2015 John 6.35 "I am the Bread of Life" David Phillips
11/1/2015 John 8.12 "I am the Light of the World" David Phillips
18/1/2015 John 10.1-10 "I am the Door" David Phillips
25/1/2015 John 10.11ff "I am the Good Shepherd" David Dickinson
1/2/2015 John 11 "I am the Resurrection and the Life" David Phillips
8/2/2015 John 14 "I am the Way the Truth and the Life" Phil Parker
15/2/2015 John 16 "I am the True Vine" David Phillips


Earlier sermons on Hebrews
Date/Service Text Title Preacher
11/1/2015 Heb 7.1-12 Melchizedek David Phillips
18/1/2015 Heb 7.13-28 Jesus our High Priest David Phillips
25/1/2015 Heb 8.1-6 Simply the Best Alan Hogarth
1/2/2015 Heb 8.7-end (not recorded) Alan Hogarth

The Apocalypse

Date/Service Text Title Preacher
7/9/2014 Rev 1 The Reveleation of Jesus Christ David Phillips
14/9/2014 Rev 2 Jesus' Letter to Pergamum Phil Parker
21/9/2014 Rev 3 Jesus' Letters David Phillips
28/9/2014 Rev 4-5 The Lamb and the Scroll David Phillips
12/10/2014 Rev 6-7 The Lamb's Salvation Paul Hunter
19/10/2014 Rev 8-9 The Seven Trumpets Philip Venables
26/10/2014 Rev 10-11 The Little Scroll David Phillips
2/11/2014 Rev 12-14 War in Heaven David Phillips
9/11/2014 Rev 15-16 The Wrath of God finished David Phillips
16/11/2014 Rev 16.15 "Behold I am coming" David Phillips
23/11/2014 Rev 17-18 The fall of Babylon the Great David Phillips
30/11/2014 Rev 19 Two Feasts David Phillips
7/12/2014 Rev 20 Satan's defeat David Phillips
14/12/2014 Rev 21-22 New heavens & new earth David Phillips

Songs of Ascents

Date/Service Text Title Preacher
16/11/2014 Psalm 120 Deliver me, O Lord David Phillips
23/11/2014 Psalm 121 The Lord is Your Keeper Phil Parker
30/11/2014 Psalm 122 The House of the Lord  
7/12/2014 Psalm 123 Our Eyes Look to the Lord David Phillips
14/12/2014 Psalm 124 Our Help Alan Hogarth

What We Believe

Date/Service Text Title Preacher
2/2/2014 Article 22 What happens when you die? David Phillips
9/2/2014 Article 23 Appointing Elders Alan Hogarth
16/2/2014 Article 24 The language of worship David Phillips
26/10/2014 Article 25 The Sacraments Alan Hogarth
2/11/2014 Article 26 Unworthy Ministers David Phillips
9/11/2014 Article 27 Baptism Alan Hogarth

Date/Service Title Preacher
12/10/2014 Work, Wealth and Responsibility Richard Turnbull


Date/Service Text Title Preacher
5/1/14 Heb 1.1-3 The last days Alan Hogarth
12/1/14 Heb 1.4-14 The supremacy of Christ David Phillips
19/1/4 Heb 2.1-4 Warnings Alan Hogarth
26/1/14 Heb 2.5-18 Christ over all David Phillips
2/2/14 Heb 3.1-6 Consider Jesus David Phillips
4/5/2014 Heb 3-7-19 Exhort one another David Phillips
11/5/2014 Heb 4.1-11 The Rest that Remains David Phillips
18/5/2014 Heb 4.12-13 God's Powerful Word Alan Hogarth
25/5/2014 Heb 4.14-16 Coming Boldly to the Throne David Phillips
1/6/2014 Heb 5.1-10 Christ our High Priest Alan Hogarth
21/9/2014 Heb 5.11-14 Spiritual Maturity Phil Parker
28/9/2014 Heb 6.1-8 Spiritual Progress David Phillips
5/10/2014 Heb 6.9-12 Full Assurance of Hope Alan Hogarth
19/10/2014 Heb 6.13-20 God Keeps His promises David Phillips

The Beattitudes

Date/Service Text Title Preacher
3/8/2014 Mtt 5.1-3 The poor in spirit Alan Hogarth
10/8/2014 Mtt 5.4-5 Those who mourn/The meek Alan Hogarth
17/8/2014 Mtt 5.6 Hunger and Thirst David Phillips
24/8/2014 Mtt 5.7 The merciful Phil Parker
31/8/2014 Mtt 5.8 The pure in heart David Phillips
7/9/2014 Mtt 5.9 Peacemakers David Phillips
14/9/2014 Mtt 5.10 Persecuted for righteousness Alan Hogarth

The Ten Commandments

Date/Service Text Title Preacher
8/6/2014 Gal 5.18 Led by the Spirit David Phillips
15/6/2014 Ex 20.3 Only One God David Phillips
22/6/2014 Ex 20.1-2 Rescued by God David Phillips
29/6/2014 Ex 18.20 The Way to Walk (not recorded) David Phillips
6/7/2014 Ex 20.3-5 Idolatry David Phillips
13/7/2014 Ex 20.7 God's Name (not recorded) David Dickinson
20/7/2014 Ex 20.12 Honouring Parents David Phillips
27/7/2014 Ex 20.8-11 Sabbath David Phillips
3/8/2014 Ex 20.13 Murder David Phillips
10/8/2014 Ex 20.14 Adultery Eric Lacey
17/8/2014 Ex 20.15 Stealing David Phillips
24/8/2014 Ex 20.16 False witness Phil Parker
31/8/2014 Ex 20.17 Coveting David Phillips


Date/Service Text Title Preacher
29/6/2014 Ruth 1 The Tears David Phillips
6/7/2014 Ruth 2 The Wings of Refuge Alan Hogarth
20/7/2014 Ruth 3 The Kinsman Redeemer David Phillips
27/7/2014 Ruth 4 Redemption and Joy David Phillips

A Cloud of Witnesses

Date/Service Title Preacher
8/6/2014 The Nine Day Queen (Lady Jane Grey) Alan Hogarth
15/6/2014 "This Unworthy Hand" (Thomas Cranmer) Alan Hogarth
22/6/2014 A Candle Lit (Hugh Latimer) David Phillips

Praying with Paul

Date/Service Text Title Preacher
4/5/2014 Rom 10.1 The Heart's Desire Phil Parker
11/5/2014 Rom 15.30-33 Striving in Pryayer David Phillips
18/5/2014 2 Cor 12.7-9 Answered Prayer David Phillips
25/5/2014 Eph 1.15-23 Praying for Growth David Dickinson
1/6/2014 Phil 4.4-6 Do not be Anxious Phil Parker

The Resurrection Body

Date/Service Text Title Preacher
27/4/14 1 Cor 15.35-58 The Resurrection Body David Phillips


Date/Service Text Title Preacher
5/1/14 Eph 1.1-14 Spiritual Blessings David Phillips
12/1/14 Eph 2.1-10 The Rich Mercy of God David Phillips
19/1/14 Eph 2.11-22 But now in Christ... David Phillips
26/1/14 Eph 3.1-6 The mystery revealed David Dickinson
2/2/14 Eph 3.7-13 God's Wisdom Phil Parker
9/2/14 Eph 3.14-end Christ in the world John Hawley
16/2/14 Eph 4.8-16 Walking worthily David Phillips
23/2/14 Eph 4.8-16 Building up the body David Phillips
2/3/14 Eph 4.17-end New life (not recorded) Phil Parker
9/3/14 Eph 5.1-21 Walk in Love Paul Hunter
23/3/14 Eph 5.22-33 Husbands and Wives David Phillips
16/3/14 Eph 6.1-9 Children and Parents David Phillips
30/3/14 Eph 6.18-20 The Armour of God David Phillips

Proclaiming Christ (Paul's preaching in Acts)

Date/Service Text Title Preacher
2/3/14 Acts 13.13-43 Freedom through Christ David Phillips
9/3/14 Acts 17.1-4 To suffer and rise David Phillips
16/3/14 Acts 17.22-34 Athens Julian Henderson
23/3/14 Acts 24.10-21 Hope in God Alan Hogarth
30/3/14 Acts 26.1-29 Light to the world Alan Hogarth


Motto Text Sermon

For this is what the Lord has commanded us: "I have made you a light for the Gentiles, that you may bring salvation to the ends of the earth"
Date/Service Title Preacher
6/1/2013 A light for the Gentiles David Phillips

Mark 10 - the road to Jerusalem

Date/Service Text Title Preacher
17/2/2013 Mark 10.32-34 The Son of man will be betrayed David Phillips
24/2/2013 Mark 10.35-40 Glory through suffering Phil Parker
3/3/2013 Mark 10.41-45 True greatness David Phillips
17/3/2013 Mark 10.46-52 Son of David have mercy on me! David Gerrard

Why bother with liturgy?

Date/Service Title Preacher
3/3/2013 Why bother with liturgy? David Phillips
10/3/2013 What is it? David Phillips
17/3/2013 What are we doing? What are we doing? David Phillips
24/3/2013 The Lord's Supper David Phillips


Date/Service Text Title Preacher
17/2/2013 Josh 1.1-9 Called to Lead Alan Hogarth
24/2/2013 Josh 1.10-18 "We will go…" Davud Phillips

Questions People Ask

Date/Service Title Preacher
6/1/2013 Does going to Church make me a Christian? Alex Phillips

What does a healthy Church look like?
Sermons on the St. James Vision Document.

Date/Service Title Books Preacher
To win people for Christ
20/1/2013 Born of the Spirit John 3.8 David Phillips
27/1/2013 Faith comes by heaing Rom 10.14-18 David Phillips
3/2/2013 By this all will know… John 13.35 Phil Parker
10/2/2013 Wherever they went Acts 8.4 David Phillips
These subjects were also considered by the housegroups.


This series is continued from the autumn term.
Date/Service Text Title Series Preacher
20/1/2012 Col 3.22-4.1 In the workplace (Not recorded) Colossians (18) Alan Hogarth
27/1/2012 Col 4.2-end Fellow workers Colossians (19) Alan Hogarth

What we believe.

Continuing our series on the 39 Articles, the official doctrinal standard of the Church of England..
This series is continued from the autumn term.
Date/Service Text Title Series Preacher
3/2/2012 Article 15 The Perfection of Christ What we believe (15) David Phillips
10/2/2012 Article 16 What happens if I sin? What we believe (16) Alan Hogarth

The Servant Songs

Date/Service Text Title Series Preacher

Christ is Coming (Paul on the Return of Christ)

Date/Service Text Title Preacher
1/12/13 1 Thess 5.2-3 No one knows the hour David Phillips
8/12/13 Phil 3.20-21 Eagerly awaiting Phil Parker
15/12/13 2 Thess 1.7-10 The Coming Judge David Phillips

Vision (continued)

Date/Service Title Preacher
8/9/2013 Prayer Phil Parker
15/9/2013 Teaching David Phillips
22/9/2013 Service David Phillips
29/9/2013 Gifts David Phillips
6/10/2013 Celebrating God's Gifts (Harvest) David Phillips
13/10/2013 Leadership Lee Gatiss
20/10/2013 Worship David Phillips
27/10/2013 Fellowship Eric Lacey
3/11/2013 Obedience David Phillips
10/11/2013 The Workplace David Phillips
17/11/2013 Pastoral Care Eric Lacey
24/11/2013 Family Life Alan Hogarth

"Follow Me" (Sermons in Matthew)

Date/Service Text Title Preacher
10/11/13 Matt 4.19 Fishers of men Alan Hogarth
17/11/13 Matt 8.22 Wherever He leads Alan Hogarth
24/11/13 Matt 9.9 Sinners called Alan Hogarth
1/12/13 Matt 10.38 Take up your cross David Phillips
8/12/13 Matt 16.24 Finding life David Phillips
15/12/13 Matt 19.21 Treasure in heaven David Phillips

What we believe.

Continuing our series on the 39 Articles, the official doctrinal standard of the Church of England..
Date/Service Text Title Series Preacher
20/10/2013 Article 19 The Church What we believe (20) David Phillips
27/10/2013 Article 20 The Authority of the Church What we believe (21) David Phillips
3/11/2013 Article 21 General Councils What we believe (22) David Phillips

Joshua (continued)

Date/Service Text Title Preacher
8/9/2013 Josh 11-12 The Final Conquest Alan Hogarth
15/9/2013 Josh 13-14 The Gift of God Alan Hogarth
22/9/2013 Josh 15-19 Fruit and Failure David Phillips
29/9/2013 Josh 20-21 Promises Fulfilled David Phillips
6/10/2013 Josh 22-23 Farewells Alan Hogarth
13/10/2013 Josh 24 Serve Him with Faithfulness Alan Hogarth

Seven Kings of Judah

Date Text Title Preacher
21/7/2013 2 Chron 10 Rehoboam’s folly and God’s unshakable word David Phillips
28/7/2013 2 Chron 14 Asa and his example in prayer Eric Lacey
4/8/2013 2 Chron 26 Uzziah and the danger of pride David Phillips
11/8/2013 2 Chron 28 Ahaz - the King the people deserved David Phillips
18/8/2013 2 Chron 29 Hezekiah - walking in the light David Phillips
25/8/2013 2 Chron 33 Manasseh - a King who turned to God David Phillips
1/9/2013 2 Chron 35 Josiah - the greatest king David Phillips


Date Text Title Preacher
21/7/2013 Micah 1 The Lord’s coming - to judge David Phillips
28/7/2013 Micah 2 The Lord’s plan - to destroy Phil Parker
4/8/2013 Micah 3 The leaders condemned Alan Hogarth
11/8/2013 Micah 4 The Lord’s plan - to save David Raby
18/8/2013 Micah 5 The Leader promised David Phillips
25/8/2013 Micah 6 The case against Israel Alan Hogarth
1/9/2013 Micah 7 The future hope Alan Hogarth

Called by God

Date/Service Text Title Preacher
23/6/2013 Acts 26.14 Kicking against the goads David Phillips
30/6/2013 Acst 9.3-9 The light on the way David Phillips
7/7/2013 Acts 9.10-19 God's messenger David Phillips
14/7/2013 Acts 9.20-22 Paul's message (not recorded) Phil Parker

What we believe.

Continuing our series on the 39 Articles, the official doctrinal standard of the Church of England..
Date/Service Text Title Series Preacher
30/6/2013 Article 17 Predestination (part 1) What we believe (17) David Phillips
7/7/2013 Article 17 Predestination (part 2) What we believe (18) David Phillips
14/7/2013 Article 18 Only One Way What we believe (19) David Phillips


Date/Service Text Title Preacher
19/5/2013 Gal 5.16 Power to live, power to change (Pentecost) David Phillips
26/6/2013 Jn 17.24 Eternal love (Trinity Sunday) David Phillips
2/6/2013 Matt 19.4 Male and Female Phil Parker
9/6/2013 Matt 19.5 One flesh Alan Hogarth
16/6/2013 Matt 19.6 What God has joined David Phillips

Reviving the Church

Date/Service Title Preacher
5/5/2013 Springs in the Desert Alan Hogarth
12/5/2013 The Great Awakening (Wesley) Alan Hogarth
19/5/2013 Preaching Grace (Whitefield) Alan Hogarth
26/5/2013 Fruits of Revival Alan Hogarth

The Servant Songs (Isaiah)

Date/Service Text Occasion Preacher
24/3/2013 Isa 50.4-11 Palm Sunday David Phillips
28/3/2013 Isa 42.1-9 Maundy Thursday David Phillips
29/3/2013 Isa 52.13-53.12 Good Friday David Phillips
31/3/2013 Isa 49.1-7 Easter Day David Phillips


Date/Service Text Title Preacher
14/4/2013 Isa 61 Good news for the poor Eric Lacey
21/4/2013 Isa 55 Whoever is thirsty Phil Parker
27/4/2013 Isa 63.7-14 The Kindness of the Lord David Phillips
5/5/2013 Isa 66 True worship and false David Phillips
9/5/2013 Isa 52.13-15 The Exalted Servant David Phillips


Date/Service Text Title Preacher
14/4/2013 Josh 2 A scarlet cord David Phillips
21/4/2013 Josh 3 & $ The might hand of the LORD Alan Hogarth
28/4/2013 Josh 5 Gilgal - rolling away the reproach David Phillips
2/6/2013 Josh 6 Jericho - the LORD is with us Alan Hogarth
9/6/2013 Josh 7 & 8 Arrogance and rebellion David Phillips
16/6/2013 Josh 9 Negleting to pray David Raby
23/6/2013 Josh 10 The battle is the LORD's Alan Hogarth


All our morning services from Christmas to Easter inclusive will be based on passages from Matthew’s gospel. Matthew was a tax collector who became one of the first disciples of Jesus. His gospel shows most the Hebrew background to Jesus coming and is littered with Old Testament quotations and allusions. Over the weeks we will aim to get a flavour of the whole gospel. Matthew focuses particularly on the fact that Jesus is the long-promised Messiah (the Christ) for whom the people of Israel were waiting.
Date/Service Text Title Series Preacher
1/1/2012 Morning Matt 2.13-end Jesus Threatened Matthew David Phillips
8/1/2012 Morning Matt 3.1-12 Jesus Announced Matthew David Phillips
15/1/2012 Morning Matt 5.12-30 Jesus’ teaching - from the heart Matthew Paul Hunter
22/1/2012 Morning Matt 6.19-34 Jesus’ teaching - treasure in heaven Matthew Eric Lacey
29/1/2012 Morning Matt 7.13-23 Jesus the Way Matthew Phil Parker
12/2/2012 Morning Matt 12.9-21 Jesus the Healer Matthew David Phillips
19/2/2012 Morning Matt 13.1-23 Jesus the Parable Teller (not recorded) Matthew Phil Parker
26/2/2012 Morning Matt 12.9-21 Jesus the Christ Matthew David Phillips
4/3/2012 Morning Matt 17.1-13 Jesus' Glory Revealed Matthew Philip Hacking
11/3/2012 Morning Matt 18.15-35 Forgiveness Matthew David Phillips
18/3/2012 Morning Matt 19.16-23 Following Jesus (Not recorded) Matthew David Phillips
25/3/2012 Morning Matt 20.17-28 Jesus Our Model Matthew Phil Parker
1/4/2012 Morning Matt 21.1-11 Jesus Enters Jerusalem Matthew David Phillips
8/4/2012 Morning Matt 28.1-6 Jesus Is Risen Matthew David Phillips

What we believe.

Continuing our series on the 39 Articles, the official doctrinal standard of the Church of England..
We began this series in the Autumn term of 2011.
Date/Service Text Title Series Preacher
11/3/2012 Evening Article 6 (part 1) The sufficiency of Holy Scripture for Salvation What we believe (6) Alan Hogarth
18/3/2012 Evening Article 6 (part 2) The Canon of Holy Scripture What we believe (7) Alan Hogarth
25/3/2012 Evening Article 7 The Old Testament - gospel and law What we believe (8) David Phillips
1/4/2012 Evening Article 8 The Three Creeds What we believe (9) David Phillips


We began this series in the Autumn term of 2011.
Date/Service Text Title Series Preacher
8/1/2012 Colossians 1.15-17 The Glory of Christ Colossians (6) David Phillips
15/1/2012 Colossians 1.18-20 The ministry of Christ Colossians (7) David Phillips
19/2/2012 Colossians 1.21-23 Reconciled in Christ Colossians (8) Alan Hogarth
26/2/2012 Colossians 1.24-29 The ministry of reconciliation Colossians (9) David Raby
4/3/2012 Colossians 2.1-5 Riches in Christ Colossians (10) Philip Hacking

Issues Facing Christians Today

Date/Service Title Series Preacher
22/1/2012 What is Christian Ethics? What is Christian Ethics? Ethics (1) Alan Hogarth
29/1/2012 Are Rights Wrong? Are Rights Wrong? Ethics (2) David Phillips
5/2/2012 Euthanasia Euthanasia Ethics (3) Alan Hogarth
5/2/2012 Abortion Abortion (not currently available Ethics (4) Steven Foster

Titles of Christ in Revelation

Date/Service Text Title Preacher
22/7/2012 Morning Rev 22.13 The Alpha and the Omega David Phillips
29/7/2012 Morning Rev 1.5 Firstborn from the Dead David Phillips
5/8/2012 Morning Rev 5.6 The Lamb David Phillips
12/8/2012 Morning Rev 19.11 Faithful Witness Eric Lacey
19/8/2012 Morning Rev 17.14 King of Kings Phil Parker
26/8/2012 Morning Rev 5.5 Lion of the Tribe of Judah David Phillips
2/9/2012 Morning Rev 19.13 The Word of God David Phillips


Date/Service Text Title Preacher
22/7/2012 Evening Ecc 1.1-11 The Failure of Wisdom Alan Hogarth
29/7/2012 Evening Ecc 3 When nothing makes sense David Phillips
5/8/2012 Evening Ecc 2 Wine, women and song. (This sermon was not recorded.) Alan Hogarth
12/8/2012 Evening Ecc 5.8 - 6.2 The root of all meaninglessness Alan Hogarth
19/8/2012 Evening Ecc 7.1-14 We can't make the crooked straight! David Phillips
26/8/2012 Evening Ecc 9.1-10 Enjoy your meaningless life Phil Parker
2/9/2012 Evening Ecc 12 The End of the Matter David Phillips

Living for Christ (Romans 12 & 13)

Date/Service Text Title Preacher
13/5/2012 Morning Rom 12.1 Living Sacrifices David Phillips
20/5/2012 Morning Rom 12.2 Do not be conformed Phil Parker
27/5/2012 Morning Rom 12.3-8 Spiritual Gifts David Phillips
3/6/2012 Morning Rom 12.9-13 Cling to what is good Phil Parker
10/6/2012 Morning Rom 12.14-21 Overcoming evil David Phillips
17/6/2012 Morning Rom 13.1-6 Government under God - not recorded Alan Hogarth
24/6/2012 Morning Rom 13.6-7 Render to Caesar David Phillips
8/7/2012 Morning Rom 13.7-10 Love Your Neighbour - not recorded Phil Parker
15/7/2012 Morning Rom 13.11-14 Clothe yourself with Christ David Phillips

Always be ready to given an answer.

Date/Service Title Preacher
23/6//2012 Evening Ready to give an answer - Christian apologetics. Alan Hogarth
1/7/2012 Morning Why does God allow suffering? - not recorded David Phillips
8/7/2012 Evening What about other faiths? Alan Hogarth
15/7/2012 Evening Has science disproved the Bible? Alan Hogarth

Men, Women and Leadership

Date/Service Title Preacher
20/5/2012 Evening "He made them male and female." Alan Hogarth
27/5/2012 Evening Who should be an elder? Alan Hogarth
3/6/2012 Evening Biblical leadership David Phillips
10/6/2012 Evening The changing faith of the church David Phillips
17/6/2012 Evening Legislation to permit women bishops David Phillips


This series is continued from the spring term.
Date/Service Text Title Series Preacher
15/4/2012 Colossians 2.6-7 Continue in Christ Colossians (11) David Phillips
22/4/2012 Colossians 2.8-10 Beware the world Colossians (12) David Phillips
29/4/2012 Colossians 2.11-15 Made alive with Christ Colossians (13) Alan Hogarth
6/5/2012 Colossians 2.16-19 Reality in Christ Colossians (13) David Phillips
13/5/2012 Colossians 2.20-23 You died with Christ Colossians (14) Justin Mote

Appoint Elders

Date/Service Text Title Preacher
29/4/2012 Morning Tit 1.4-9 The necessity of leadership David Phillips
6/5//2012 Morning Tit 1.5 Male presbyters David Phillips

Holiday Club Service.

Date/Service Text Title Preacher
22/4/2012 Morning 2 Timothy 4.7-8 I have fought the good fight. David Phillips

Christmas Sermons - Isaiah

Date/Service Title Text Preacher
16/12/2012 Advent 3 Hope Proclaimed Isaiah 1.1-20 David Phillips
16/12/2012 Advent 3 The Virgin Birth Isaiah 7.14 David Phillips
The remaining sermons were not recorded.

Questions People Ask

Date/Service Title Preacher
25/11/2012 Evening Is God just to forgive sins? Alan Hogarth
2/12/2012 Evening What is a a church? Alan Hogarth
9/12/2012 Evening Can we trust the New Testament? David Phillips

Search the Scriptures - Old Testament overview

Date/Service Title Books Preacher
16/9/2012 Morning Jesus and His Bible Mtt 4.1-11 David Phillips
23/9/2012 Morning .. that you may come to Me Mtt 4.1-11 David Phillips
30/9/2012 Morning Created and Chosen Genesis David Phillips
7/10/2012 Morning Resuce and Rebellion Exodus-Deuteronomy Phil Parker
21/10/2012 Morning Conquest and Chaos Joshua-Ruth David Phillips
4/11/2012 Morning The Three Kings 1 & 2 Samuel Eric Lacey
11/11/2012 Morning Oracles against the Nations (Remembrance Sunday) Isaiah 13-27 David Phillips
18/11/2012 Morning Division and Prophecy Nehemiah 9.26-27l Phil Parker
25/11/2012 Morning Exile - the pressure to conform Daniel 1 & 3 David Phillips
2/12/2012 Morning Return and Longing Nehemiah 9.32-end Phil Parker


This series is continued from the spring term.
Date/Service Text Title Series Preacher
14/10/2012 Colossians 3.1-7 This sermon was not recorded. Colossians (12) Simon Vibert
21/10/2012 Colossians 3.7-12 But now... Colossians (13) David Phillips
28/10/2012 Colossians 3.12-14 Godly Garmentst Colossians (14) Alan Hogarth
4/11/2012 Colossians 3.15 Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts Colossians (15) David Phillips
11/11/2012 Colossians 3.18-21 Conduct in the Home Colossians (18) David Raby
18/11/2012 Colossians 3.16 Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly (this sermon was not recorded) Colossians (16) David Phillips
16/12//2012 Colossians 3.17 Whatever you do Colossians (17) David Phillips

What we believe.

Continuing our series on the 39 Articles, the official doctrinal standard of the Church of England..
We began this series in the Autumn term of 2011.
Date/Service Text Title Series Preacher
9/9/2012 Evening Article 9 Original Sin What we believe (10) Alan Hogarth
16/9/2012 Evening Article 10 Free Will What we believe (11) Alan Hogarth
23/9/2012 Evening Article 11 Justification by faith alone What we believe (12) David Phillips
30/9/2012 Evening Article 12 Good Works What we believe (13) David Phillips
7/10/2012 Evening Articles 13 & 14 Not so good works What we believe (14) David Phillips

Unravelling the Threads

A series of four evening sermons preparing for Christmas. In each we will follow a thread through from the beginning of the Bible to the end. Three pick up on the so called ‘offices of Christ’ as prophet, priest and king, whilst the opening talk will follow the thread of the Seed.
Date/Service Title Series Preacher
20/11/2011 Evening The Seed Unravelling the Threads (1) David Phillips
27/11/2011 Evening The Prophet Unravelling the Threads (2) David Raby
4/12/2011 Evening The Priest Unravelling the Threads (3) David Phillips
4/12/2011 Evening The King Unravelling the Threads (4) Alan Hogarth

The Grumpy Prophet

Everyone remembers the account of Jonah and the whale, but the book of Jonah has so much more to teach, in particular about the great grace of God..
Date/Service Text Title Series Preacher
6/11/2011 Morning Jonah 1.1 Israel's rebellion and God's grace The Grumpy Prophet (1) David Phillips
20/11/2011 Morning Jonah 1.2-16 Running away from God The Grumpy Prophet (2) David Phillips
27/11/2011 Morning Jonah 1.17-2.end A prayer of repentance The Grumpy Prophet (3) David Phillips
4/12/2011 Morning Jonah 3 When a city turns to God The Grumpy Prophet (4) David Phillips
11/12/2011 Morning Jonah 4 Jonah's anger and God's grace The Grumpy Prophet (4) David Phillips


Date/Service Text Title Preacher
13/11/2011 Morning Josh 4.1-9 & Lk 22.14-20a Remembrance Phil Parker

Marriage - man and woman

Date/Service Text Title Preacher
30/10/2011 Morning Mark 10.1-9 Marriage David Phillips

What we believe.

Beginning a series looking at the core beliefs of the Christian faith, some of the past challenges to them and the issues and implications for us today. Based on the 39 Articles of Religion, the official doctrinal standard of the Church of England..
Date/Service Text Title Series Preacher Handout
16/10/2011 Evening Article 1 Faith in the Holy Trinity What we believe (1) Alan Hogarth Handout
23/10/2011 Evening Article 2 Of the Word or Son of God What we believe (2) David Phillips Handout
30/10/2011 Evening Article 3 Going down of Christ to hell What we believe (3) David Phillips Handout
6/11/2011 Evening Article 4 The Resurrection What we believe (4) Alan Hogarth Handout
13/11/2011 Evening Article 5 The Holy Ghost What we believe (5) David Phillips Handout

The Prayer of the Wise

A series of Bible studies are available on this passage.
The principles and practicalities of prayer. Learning from the prayer which King Solomon prayed at the dedication of the Temple in Jerusalem but drawing also from the teaching of Jesus.
Date/Service Text Title Series Preacher
11/9/2011 Morning 1 Kings 8.22 The Mechanics of Prayer The Prayer of the Wise (1) David Phillips
18/9/2011 Morning 1 Kings 8.23-27 The God to whom we pray The Prayer of the Wise (2) David Phillips
25/9/2011 Morning Luke 18.01-08 Persistence in Prayer The Prayer of the Wise (3) Phil Parker
2/10/2011 Morning 1 Kings 8.46-49 Praying for Forgiveness The Prayer of the Wise (4) David Phillips
9/10/2011 Morning (8.45am) 1 Kings 8.33-40 When disaster comes The Prayer of the Wise (5) David Phillips
16/10/2011 Morning 1 Kings 8.41-43 A House of Prayer for all Nations The Prayer of the Wise (6) Alan Hogarth
23/10/2011 Morning 1 Kings 8.51-53 Praying in His Name The Prayer of the Wise (7) Phil Parker


This wonderful letter from the Apostle Paul to the saints in Colossae overflows with the glory of Christ.
Date/Service Text Title Series Preacher
11/9/2011 Evening Colossians 1.1-2 Saints and Apostles Colossians (1) David Phillips
18/9/2011 Evening Colossians 1.3-5 Giving thanks Colossians (2) David Phillips
25/9/2011 Evening Colossians 1.5-8 The Fruits of the Gospel Colossians (3) David Phillips
2/10/2011 Evening Colossians 1.9-12 Pray, pray, pray Colossians (4) Alan Hogarth
9/10/2011 Evening Colossians 1.12-14 Giving thanks for our redemption Colossians (5) Alan Hogarth
This series will be resumed in the spring term 2012

The Greatest

Date/Service Text Title Series Preacher
31/7/2011 Morning Luke 11.32 Greater than Jonah The Greatest (2) David Phillips
7/8/2011 Morning Luke 11.31 Greater than Solomon The Greatest (3) David Phillips
14/8/2011 Morning Matthew 12.6 Greater than the Temple The Greatest (4) David Phillips
21/8/2011 Morning John 8.53 Greater than Abraham The Greatest (5) Eric Lacey
4/9/2011 Morning Heb 01.04 Greater than the Angels The Greatest (7) David Phillips


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