The Apocalypse

The Apocalypse -  the Bible from beginning to end tells about Jesus. This is no less true of the last book,“the Revelation (that is apocalypse) of Jesus Christ”. But this book particularly shows us about the Lamb who conquers and who will return. It was written to challenge and comfort Christians until Christ returns so that we might be ready.

Study 1 : The Revelation of Jesus

Study 2 : The Scroll and the Lamb

Study 3 : The Lamb's Salvation 

Study 4 : The Seven Trumpets

Study 5 : The War

Study 6 : The Seven Plagues

Study 7 : The Lamb will Conquer

Study 8 : Judge and Judgement

Study 9 : "…all things new…"

Study 10 : Paradise recreated

Different Views of Revelation

Seven Churches Chart (blank)

Seven Churches Chart (completed-NIV)

List of the 7 Trumpets, Bowls and Seals plus 10 Plagues and 10 Rebellions

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