John's Gospel

John's Gospel - two series of Bible studies alongside the morning sermons.  The first series will look at the famous I am sayings of Jesus.  Then in Lent leading up to Easter we will look at Jesus’ teaching at the Last Supper as he prepared His disciples for life after He had ascended to the Father.  In the first series we are also considering the Bishop of Blackburn's vision document circulated in the Diocese.

Jan & Feb 2015 - John Chapter 1 and “Where are we heading?”

John 1 1-13

John 1.14-18

John 1.19-27

John 1.28-36

John 1.37-51

Lent 2015 - Meeting Jesus

John 3 - Nicodemus

John 4 - The Woman of Samaria

John 5 - The lame man 

John 9 - The man born blind

John 11 - Lazarus

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